Do electronic ab belts actually work, or are they just another marketing scheme? As you probably have seen on TV the last couple of year, the so called “magic electronic ab belts” have become extremely popular machines for working out your abs, but do they really work?

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The truth is that you will not find your six pack abs in any machine sold on TV. The actors, who are there to show you how the ab belts work are paid actors who have got their abs from REAL WORLD exercise, hard work and effort. The abdominal belts sounds GREAT, but are usually nothing but a disappointment.


The real way to get six pack abs is NOT to get any electronic ab belt, although it can be used to stimulate your muscles when you are not working out, but as a main methodology for getting your abs this summer, forget it.

The two main ingredients for getting a six pack is in what you eat, and how you exercise, not in the electronic ab belts you see on TV. When you eat right and exercise right you get the perfect balance between, calories coming in and calories going out, allowing your body to ‘steal fuel’ from your fat, which is the main reason you don’t have abs.

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